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Your neighbourhood cafe with delicious, homemade food, served with love and an Austrian twist.

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About Us

Mona born and raised in Krems, Austria and Carly from High Barnet, North London, opened their doors to monaliciousfood in Hoxton, East London in March 2019. Mona has always had a passion for food and dreamt of having her own cafe, while Carly has always aspired to have her own business. They both met at the Olympics in 2012 and have since become best friends and partners. In 2018 Mona left her PA/Team Coordinator role and Carly her role as Film & Photographic Studio Manager to fulfill their dreams. They found an affordable property to rent in Hoxton within their budget. ’The decision was quick and bold, but it felt right.

Our Specialty

The Austrian Twist ...

Mona has brought her Austrian roots exclusively to Hoxton. Her Austrian favourites are homemade and include the classic Applestrudel, Sachertorte, Palatschinken, Kaiserschmarren and a beautiful Frühstück. A taste of Austria in Hoxton.

We also proudly serve Austria's most renowned coffee 'Meinl' - established in 1862. 

Austria is well known for its long & rich coffee culture. Austrian coffeehouses have always been a place of public life & in particular Meinl coffeehoused have been frequently visited by masterminds, artists &  poets such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Sigmund Freud & Otto Wagner. 


What our customers say

'The hills are alive'

We are always looking forward to visiting our family in Austria. The delicious homemade food at Monalicious reminds us of being spoiled during our trips home. The sachertorte tastes like my grandma’s, and the apricot jam can compete with my dad’s homemade jam. 

Hemish - The Guardian:

Readers’ favourite UK restaurants with overseas flavours 2021

'My favourite cafe in London'

It's the most comfortable, warm, cosy place with all food and drinks being high quality and homemade. The two women owning and running the place are sooooo lovely and attentive and have managed to create a very comfortable and welcoming place. Coming to this cafe you can truly feel that they are running this place out of passion and with so much dedication. It's so nice to see a cafe like this one, which does not have an 'industrial' style at its heart but where so many different people feel very welcome and comfortable.

Marie, Tripadvisor 2019

'Amazing place, delicious food'

Amazing place with great food and an awesome service. It is one of those places that lights your day up when you go there. Can't recommend strong enough.

Miguel, Google review 2020

Delicious food, amazing coffee, and lovely service. The cafe itself is beautiful and has a such a warm and friendly atmosphere. Mona is so welcoming and brilliant to chat to, and her cafe is the best combination of trendy brunch spot mixed with Austrian coffee and homemade cakes. Honestly the best lunch find I've made in years!

Josepha, Google review 2020